4. Sharing your data

In Fileshare there are different folder icons. Your personal folders are coloured plain blue. Folders that are part of a Group structure have a white group icon inside and shared folders have a white share sign inside. Please consider this when sharing folders and files from Group structures and only share those folders or files therein publicly where this is really allowed and useful.

4.1. Sharing a single file or folder with other users or group within Fileshare

Right click on the file or folder and select Share File from the popup menu. You can also click on the share icon on the right of the file or folder in the list. A side bar will appear as below


Start typing a name in the edit box until you see the correct person or group name that you are member of and select that, like in the below example for a user called Anders Lindroth. You can also identify a person by using a federated cloud ID, for example on the ACTRIS Nextcloud or some other nextcloud or owncloud server. In the example below the user that shared did not have write access to the file, so he can only give read access to the shared file. In case you share a file or folder to which you have access to modify, you can choose to only either give read or give full access to the file or folder. These permissions can all be changed at any time later.


This user will get an email that a share has been created and he will see the shared file(s) and folder(s) in his root directory of the fileshare. The share information is shown in the share side bar where you can see all persons or groups for which the folder or file has been shared. When you click on the … icon next to the user or group name you can modify the share setting and even undo the sharing by selecting unshare. You can also set an expiration date of the share and disbale the user or group to reshare the share again with others.