Welcome to ICOS Fileshare documentation!

The ICOS Fileshare is a good and safe way to store your ICOS related documents and data! You can store private data as well as share data with other users and the world through a number of data sharing options. The built in document editor allows you to edit documents (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) concurrently with other users. All data is back-upped regularly and all old versions of your data are kept until you run out of your storage quota for your account or group. From then on the oldest versions will be removed. You can always revert to older versions of your files. Depending on your membership of the allowed groups you can also get direct (read-only) file access to the ICOS data repository.

Disclaimer: This Fileshare is a service to the ICOS community on a best effort basis. ICOS ERIC does not take any responsibility for lost files, mistaken links that potentially expose data, or any damage that can occur by use of this service.

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